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Simple Ways How You Can Up Your Golf Game

A lot of time and practice is required to become an expert golfer. Practice can take place on the golf course, the driving range or even at home. A well-rounded approach to working on your long drives, short game and your mental approach is the key to improving your golf game. Having a good attitude and being consistent will help you be a better golfer

Improve Your Short Game

  • Work on Your Putting Skills

Improving your short game is the quickest way to recover your overall score. Spending time on your short game is better than hitting long balls. Putting is an extremely important aspect of your short game.

Place ten balls in a circle at a distance of three-feet from the hole and move in a circle trying to sink all of the puts. If you miss one, start over. Practice at least fifteen minutes every day. The more you practice, the more your confidence will increase. Start at two feet away and gradually increase it to three feet.

  • Use Soft Hands When You Chip

Lightly gripping the club decreases tension in your arms. Use your shoulders and arms to swing the club, placing more of your weight on your foot. To swing downward, push your right knee towards the target. Your left wrist should remain flat throughout the motion. Since the swing is short, your right elbow shouldn’t be behind your body. Your left arm and the shaft of the club should be in line. Your chipping swing is controlled by your left arm and your body should rotate forward as you swing.

  • Use Your Arms to Pitch

The best pitch shot can be achieved by relying on your arms and rotating them instead of using your wrists. While doing this swing, your arms should be in the shape of a “V”. The left side of your face should be above the ball while you’re standing over it. The “V” helps your ball fly high with a nice spin. Remember, your spine should be straight before making the swing.

Develop Good Practice Habits

  • Practice Deliberately

Your practice must be individualized, focused and meaningful. The areas and skills that you practice should always be in sync with the areas in which you need to improve. Scenarios which make you uncomfortable or nervous should be practised more.

  • Utilize the Help of a Coach

A coach helps you evaluate and refine your skills. Since you cannot see how you look when hitting the ball, or the final product, a golfing coach can help point out whether you hit a bad or good shot. It’s critical to know what you did to achieve the result.

Train outside the Golf Course

  • Watching Golf on Television

It’s a great way to enhance your skills as you can evaluate what the professionals are doing and take notes. You see how they assess every shot, and swing the putter, the wedges and the driver. It helps to try and imitate some shots you might have seen, at the practice session. Good golfers tend to have a pre-shot routine. Ask for tips to develop your own routine and incorporate them into your practice sessions.

  • Practicing Visualization

It allows you to practice your shots from any location. Five minutes of visualization could go a long way. Avoid replaying mistakes you might have made while visualizing.

Golf may be a more relaxed sport, but that doesn’t mean practice isn’t required to be good. Like any other sport, dedication, persistence and training are needed to be a pro. Help yourself get better by following these tips and good luck on the green!

5 Benefits of Enrolling Children for Golf Classes

Are you someone who always thought of golf as a difficult game suitable only for adults? Then it’s time to change your perception towards this game. According to various studies, playing golf offers some amazing health benefits. Apart from the physical benefits, it also contributes to the overall development of your child. Golf shapes your kid into a successful individual through its valuable life lessons.

In this blog post, we have outlined some amazing benefits of playing golf at an early age.

  • Suitable and Safe for Everyone

Golf is one of those sports that anyone can play. You don’t need a specific fitness level or body type to qualify. Anyone can partake in this fun outdoor game. Playing golf hardly involves any form of direct contact or strenuous body strain. Thus, it is a safe outdoor sport for children as the chances of serious injury or accidents are minimal.

  • Promotes Social Skills

With the growing influence of technology in the lives of young children, opportunities for social engagement are lessened. Golf teaches social skills to kids. Enrolling your child in golf classes not only boosts their physical well-being but also helps them gain lifetime friendships. Your child will meet new people on the golf course and build potentially life-long friendships. Your child will learn how to manage his/her emotions and stress in a positive sporting spirit.

  • Maintains Physical and Mental Health

Golf is an excellent workout for young players. Due to frequent walking, swinging, bending, it strengthens muscles of the body. Children can easily burn calories by playing golf. It is a great way to fight obesity. Apart from its physical benefits, golf also fosters mental health of children. It builds their concentration and controls distractions, which is helpful in other aspects of life

  • Prepares for Professional Life

Golf is a great sport to prepare kids for their career and future goals in life. It boosts self-esteem, promotes decision-making and develops problem-solving skills among young children.

  • Imparts Life Lessons

There are several similarities between golf and real life. Through this sport, children learn to deal with the challenges of life. They learn to overcome failure, develop perseverance and a positive attitude towards fellow players. Golf playing also promotes integrity, discipline and a positive outlook towards life among kids.

Golf is a great sport to motivate your child to go out and play. Nurturing your child’s mind and body, it shapes his/her personality. To learn more about junior golf lessons, consult an expert from a leading golf academy nearby!