Group Golf Lessons

Focused on Fundamentals, Create a Collective Energy

Group lessons are a cost effective way of improving your golf game, while enjoying a day outdoors with co-workers, family and/or friends. These lessons are great for golfers who feel more comfortable learning the sport in a small group and beginner golfers who have little or no experience in golf.  Group lessons address all golf fundamentals including the full golf swing, putting, the short game, etiquette and rules of the game.


My wife and I have enjoyed playing golf with each other for many years. We started taking lessons with Indy recently to help us further improve on our golf game. We only wish we had instructors as great as Indy’s when we first started playing golf. We can both say without a doubt that Indy is a great golf instructor and feel that his lessons helped us improve our golf game immensely. He is patient and is very focused when he teaches. However, he is also very encouraging and constantly motivating you to stay positive, even when you hit a bad shot.

– Michael and Jessica Smith, Caledon, ON

My friends and I were all new to the game of golf when we started taking lessons with Indy, so he had to teach us how to play golf from the beginning. He is very knowledgeable in golf and wants to see people exceed in the game. You can tell when he talks that he has a lot of passion for the game and you start to feel it while he’s teaching. He is very patient and is always motivating you and staying positive. I hit so many terrible balls but he was patient and explained things to me over and over again until I was consistently hitting the ball right. He is a great golf instructor. I would definitely recommend him for golf lessons.

– Mark Singh, Brampton, ON

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