How to Stop Hitting Behind the Golf Ball (4 Simple Tips)

Most golfers find out the hard way that hitting behind the ball leaves them short of the hole. This so-called ‘fat’ shot usually takes a large divot out of the fairway, too.


If you’ve been struggling with fat shots, you know how frustrating they are. To reduce the number of heavy shots you take, follow these golf swing tips and find out how to stop hitting behind the ball.

4 Tips to Fix Your Swing So You Stop Hitting Behind the Ball

This blog will help you achieve your desired results both during golf lessons and in play.

  1. 1. Pay Attention to Weight Distribution

Weight transfer is one of the leading causes of a heavy golf shot. This happens when most of your weight is on your back foot while swinging. It can be challenging to shift it forward again but doing so allows you to make contact with the ball instead of the ground.

  1. 2. Maintain Proper Posture

To maintain good posture, keep your head pointed away from your chest and your chin up. This will make it easier to swing your club properly. Try to maintain your posture by not lowering your head. Instead, make sure you are leaning forward. But bending over too much is one of the leading causes of hitting behind the ball.

Also, be sure to check that your left arm doesn’t bend because of your posture being low.

  1. 3. Lose Your Right Side

If you’re right-handed, it’s easy for your body to collapse more towards your right side during the downswing. This happens when your right shoulder is pointed towards the ground and your upper body tilts more towards your right side. While you may think the problem is being caused by your upper body, it’s actually being caused by your lower half.

To swing properly, your lower body should rotate toward the target. If you notice it sliding instead of rotating, you may hit the back of the ball. To fix this, ensure that your body is rotating properly. Try turning your hips toward your target during the downswing and prevent your knees from sliding to the left.

  1. 4. Watch Your Stance and Ball Placement

One of the biggest reasons your club may be hitting the ground first is your stance and ball placement. A ball placed too far away from your feet will be trickier to hit than one placed properly. This is a common problem that leads players to make swing errors. A general guideline for avoiding a fat shot is to place the ball at the centre of your stance for short irons and wedges.

We hope these tips help you stop hitting behind the ball. Hitting a few fat shots at the beginning is inevitable, but the goal is to prevent it from becoming a habit. Following these suggestions will ensure your swing becomes better with practice.

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