Be a Better Golfer: 5 Tips to Improve Your Putting


Your putting can make or break your golf game, but many golfers struggle with it. Indeed, it’s recommended that new golfers practice their putting as an effective means of lowering their score.

So, how do you improve your putting? You could take golf lessons from an expert. To start, though, read these putting tips every golfer should know.

How to Improve Your Putting Fundamentals 

Here are some tips to improve your putting, whether you’re a new golfer or a professional.

  1. 1. Figure Out Your Putting Arm 

First, drop a few balls on the green. Then, use one arm to putt. (For most players – and people generally – their right arm is their dominant one.) Repeat with your left. This allows you to recognize which is most suitable for putting. Use the one that feels comfortable for the task.

  1. 2. Know Your Grip

Place both hands on the club facing each other. The most suitable grip for great putting is to hold the club while keeping your fingers pointed down.

Hold the golf club while allowing your hand’s lifeline to fit the grip near the top of the handle. Once the grip is in the lifeline, you eliminate excess wrist movement.

Also, make sure your palm is facing in the direction you want to hit the ball while keeping your thumb on the top of the grip.

This simple gripping method works every time for all difficulty levels. The more you practice this grip, the better your putts will become.

  1. 3. Advance Your Stroke

Using the simple gripping technique outlined above, putt a few balls to get a better sense of how it feels. Don’t think about sinking your putts just yet. Simply use the technique to get a hang of your technique.

Keep practicing your strokes until you better understand the ball, club and how you hit.

  1. 4. Close Your Eyes

Golfers who’ve had some lessons or been playing for a while generally have a sense of the terrain and distance they need to cover. To achieve this for yourself, practice putting with your eyes closed.

To begin, place the ball close to the hole and take a few shots with your eyes open. Then repeat the same movements with your eyes closed. In the absence of visual cues, even a moderately easy shot will become a lot more difficult.

Keep practicing with your eyes closed until you can make putts from different distances. This will help you understand how hard you need to hit the ball.

  1. 5. Remain Consistent

The most basic tip to improve your putting skills is to practice frequently. For best results, create a routine for your putts, such as completing a certain number from a certain distance. This will help you remain confident and calm.

Also, explore your preferences as there’s a chance that a routine or style of putt that works for someone else may not work for you.

Another thing you can try is to use multiple putters to find the one that best suits your skills and playing style.

These expert putting tips will benefit both new and seasoned players. By following them you should notice improvements almost instantly. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Alternatively, consider taking golf lessons from professionals who can teach you the best way to improve your putting and overall game.

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