14 Simple Ways to Get Better at Golf

Playing golf is a relaxing experience for most golfers. But what if you don’t have the right grip, keep missing the shot or lose dozens of balls every game? You need to stay calm in these circumstances and work on getting better. From understanding the golf equipment and refining your mental game to having the right strategy on the course, you need to consider several things to be a better golfer. To learn a few simple tricks to get better at golf, keep reading this blog-post by Learn 2 Golf Academy, a training establishment that provides golf lessons in Mississauga.

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  1. Play Practice Games

Unless you regularly challenge your brain, you will not improve. That’s where practice games come in handy.  Getting used to the pressure you feel on a real golf course will acclimatize you to the experience. If you practise similar to how you play, you will always be prepared regardless of the circumstances.

  1. Establish Your Feel on Shots

Start establishing your feel on shots from 15-45 yards. This will help you to get your swing in sync. This is also a great way to warm up in your practise sessions and will prepare you to make longer shots. Finally, doing this will allow you to know and develop your strength.

  1. Work on Your Swing Tempo

You should keep the tempo or rhythm of your swing steady which is possible through repetition. Once you’re comfortable with your tempo, repeat it for every swing and make them perfect.

  1. Experiment with Your Swing

There are many swing releases such as crossover, slap hinge, push etc. which you should experiment with in your practise sessions. With these swings, you find several instances of your ball getting stuck behind a tree or falling in a pond. Having such mishaps happen to you on the golf course allows you to figure out how to alter your technique with every swing for a better score.

  1. Find Out Your Routine

Most golfers have a particular routine on the golf course like pacing or repeating some gesture before every shot that makes them comfortable. You will never find two golfers with the same routine. Find out a routine that helps you rather than following someone else’s.

  1. Don’t Give Up

Not every round of golf will go ideally for you. But that shouldn’t lead you to packing your bag and calling it a day. Instead, you should carry on with your game and don’t let the bad shots affect you. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them in the future.

  1. Prepare Before Your Round

To play golf well, you should prepare yourself before the round begins. Do few warm-up exercises, think about your swings and organize yourself mentally. This will relax you on the course and boost your confidence.

  1. Work on Short Games

If you improve your short game, then your golf game as a whole is sure to become better as well. You should feel comfortable with your ability to putt and hit wedge shots effectively. This will make your tee and approach shots easy on the green.

  1. Set Goals

You should set measurable goals in your golf rounds. Stay focussed, track your progress and motivate yourself to achieve your goal.

  1. Play Smarter Tee Shots

You should keep the ball in play off the tee by setting well-defined targets and using the appropriate clubs. This is achievable through proper planning and discipline. You also need to learn when to be aggressive or to choose a club based on the hole as these will affect your tee shots.

  1. Analyse Your Stats

Stat-tracking devices like Arccos Golf, or IZZO Golf can tell you your strong and weak points on the course. Whether you’re missing an approach shot to the left or carrying fewer clubs to the green, everything is tracked. With this information you will be able to change your strategy and make better decisions on the course.

  1. Don’t Aim at the Pin

Your approach shot shouldn’t always be on that spot where a flag is fixed on the ground. Unless you’re playing at a high level, this shouldn’t be your target. Instead, your attention should be focused on making better swings and strokes.

  1. Keep Your Head Down

You should not move your head right after a stroke or a swing. Your eyes should be on the ball until it stops at its destination. If you move your head too quickly right after a shot, it may ruin your posture and the tempo of the swing which are both crucial for a good swing.

  1. Find out Your Swing

Golfers come in all shapes, sizes and physical abilities. So, the swing that suits you may not work for someone else. Find out which swing works for you.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to improve your game in no time. You should stay calm on the golf course, know your strategy well, and learn from your missed shots. Master all these aspects, and become a better golfer. There are many academies offering golf lessons in Mississauga and we are one of them. If you’re interested in learning or improving your golf, get in touch with us and we will coach you.

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