3 New Putting Grip Styles to Try for a Full Golf Swing

The grip styles for a full golf swing have evolved a great deal. While the interlocking, the overlapping Vardon grip or the 10-finger options are the popular conventional styles, there are more grip styles to explore now. Top golfers use several putting grips and if you want to improve your game, you must learn a diverse set of techniques.

In this blog post, we’ve put together some recent grip styles that you should experiment with to gain more control on the greens.

  • The Reverse Overlap Grip

It’s one of the most popular grip styles used by most amateur and top golfers. In this style, the left-hand is put on the putter grip and the right hand rests just beneath it. The two hands should be positioned in such a way that the index finger of the left-hand rests on top of the fingers of the right hand.

However, the reverse overlap doesn’t prevent two common putting stroke faults – the overactive right hand and the breakdown of the left wrist.

  • The Cross-Handed Grip

Also known as Crossover or Left-hand-low-grip, it requires placing your left hand beneath the right hand (if you’re right handed). The index finger of the right hand wraps over the fingers of the left hand. This putting grip style is ideal for you if you’re a golfer with an open shoulder when standing naturally. This grip style is very popular because it prevents two common stroke faults.

  • The Claw Grip

An unusual grip style, here the left wrist is locked in place and it controls the right hand. This eliminates common problems that come with putting strokes. The right hand is positioned under the grip between the index finger and the thumb and the hand is hooked. The fingers look like a lobster’s claws or pincers. This position produces a more consistent and robust stroke by making it difficult to turn or twist the putter face.

There are different styles of the claw grip. You can follow the slight variations of the claw grip practiced by Welsh golfer Phillip Price who rests the fingers of his right hand diagonally across the side of the grip. Chris DiMarco grip or Psycho grip is another form of claw grip that you can practice. In this technique, the golfer holds the grip with the right-hand as if it’s a handle and conventionally grips the club with the left hand.

When it comes to putting grip styles, there isn’t any right or wrong way. If you’re comfortable with a particular style and it gives you the desired stroke, go for it. Whichever style suits you, spend time practicing it.

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