5 Tips to Gain More Distance off the Tee in Golf

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Every golfer wants to gain more distance off the tee because it will effectively lower their score. Many players focus on the latest driver when it comes to hitting the ball farther. But a little improvement in their angle of attack can bring a substantial increase in the distance. This means they need to swing the club more efficiently instead of trying to swing harder.

To help beginners improve their game and gain extra yardage, we’ve put together some useful tips in this blog post. If you’re an amateur golfer looking for ways to hit the ball farther, then read on to learn more.

  • Hit up on the Ball

When you hit up on the ball, you can reduce backspin to gain more yardages. But a lot of golfers hesitate to tee the ball high enough because they fear that hitting such popup drives can leave a scuff mark on their clubs. So, they have a tendency to tee the ball low which leads to a reduced distance on their drives.

A quick tip to gain more driving distance by hitting up on the ball is to keep your torso slightly tilted away from the target, keeping your hips centered over your feet. This body angle will allow some weight to shift onto your back foot helping you achieve the upper attack angle with your shoulders.

  • Increase Your Speed

Speed plays a major role in determining the driving distance. Your golf fitness expert will help you figure out your personal ability depending on your age and physical strength. Once you develop your skills, you can work with a PGA professional to get more advice on how to maximize your speed. He/she can teach you the right moves so that you don’t lose too much control.

  • Increase Loft

An appropriate driver loft can help you get more distance off the tee. Note that 7-degree drivers are a thing of the past. As an amateur golfer, you can benefit from a 12-degree driver loft or more. Your coach can help you determine the correct loft on your driver depending on your swing speed skills and other techniques.

  • Fix Club Path

Many golfers aren’t aware of the fact that they can hit the ball farther without changing the swing speed of the club. However, this is only possible when they change their delivery technique. For example, altering the delivery technique to shallow and draw (in-to-out) instead of steep and fade (out-to-in), you can add more yardage with the same effort.

  • Replace Old Grips

When you have old worn-out grips on the club, you’ll need to hold it tighter when hitting the ball. This can, in fact, lead to a reduced swing speed, control, and a restricted swing length. Replace the old grips to see an instant improvement in your swing speeds and the driving distance as a result.

Remember these tips and try to implement them when practising your game to gain more distance off the tee. Join our golf lessons in Mississauga and nearby cities to learn more techniques and master the game like a pro!

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