5 Simple and Effective Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Do you want to improve your golf game?

Maybe your mind goes to big tasks, like working extra hard with a pro, joining a club and switching out your woods and irons. These are important factors that can help shave off some points.


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But to truly excel at the game, a golfer requires both practice and mental discipline. Newbies can find its different facets overwhelming. However, by taking advice and using these tips, you’ll see progress.

How to Up Your Golf Game

  1. 1. Practice Putting

More than a third of a golfer’s score comes from putting – an aspect of their game that’s often neglected. Thankfully, it can be practiced anywhere. All you need is a ball, a flat surface, a putter and any object to putt at. Since you’ll be taking most of your strokes on the course with other players, ask a friend to join you. This can make for a fun activity that may even devolve into a putting contest.

  1. 2. Work on Your Grip

How you grip your club influences the way you swing. Working on your grip gives you a better chance of succeeding.

  1. 3. Hand Placement and Body Power

When you’re looking to lower the trajectory of your shots, where you place your hands is everything. Although most golfers pick a powerful club, this isn’t fully reliable. Ensure your hands are low in the finish; this will efficiently lower the elevation of your shot. Moreover, keep a close eye on the positioning of your wrists, elbows, forearm and spine when attempting a backswing. As your body rotates, try to finish with your forearm parallel to your spine. Keep in mind that your forearms and elbows should form a perfect triangle. Remember, form is everything in golf.

  1. 4. Take Lessons

Lessons can be beneficial, especially for new golfers. Even seasoned players can benefit in many ways. Taking regular lessons helps you develop good technique and play effectively and efficiently. For experienced players, it allows you to identify and rectify bad habits.

  1. 5. Choose the Right Clubs

Golfers must choose clubs suited to their body frame. Men and women have different body frames that can typically be categorized as small, medium or large. That’s why golf clubs are designed to fit different frames, to ensure every player makes the most of their shot. Next time you order a set of clubs, don’t assume one size fits all. Instead, ask a qualified salesperson or professional to help you out with measurements so you choose the right gulf club.

Golf is an extremely precise game that requires considerable time and practice to become an expert. Now that you’ve gone through the tips mentioned in this post, it’s time to hit the links and work on your swing. By keeping these suggestions in mind, you’ll continue to progress and remain focused on your goals.

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