5 Tips to Become a Better Golfer

If you want to excel in golf, you must work hard on the fundamentals of the game. This is important because perfecting the basics will help you go a long way in your career and it will also ensure that you are a step ahead of your competitors. However, there are a lot of other elements to this beautiful game that go beyond the basics. Sound knowledge of these essential aspects will enhance your career as a golfer. In this blog post, we have listed a few essential tips that will help you become a better player, including course management and club selection.

  • Align Your Club:

    The first and foremost thing that you must ensure is a proper alignment of your club each time you take a shot. The best way to do this is by determining the target before hitting the ball. This will enable you to have a more accurate estimate as to how hard you should hit and where you should place the ball. Set your clubhead behind the ball and position it in a way so that it directly faces the target.

  • Choose the Perfect Club:

    A majority of golfers choose golf clubs based on hole length. But you must understand that there is much more to club selection than distance. Take into consideration the wind conditions, personal shot-making tendencies, and potential health hazards. Once you have evaluated all these factors, only then should you go ahead and choose a club that suits you best and helps you make better shots.

  • Playing with the Wind:

    As a professional golfer, you must know how to adjust to different weather conditions and how to use the wind to your advantage. When there is a heavy wind, it is always advisable to hit a fade rather than a tee shot because the wind will bring the ball back into the fairway. It is crucial that you make little adjustments like these that allow for the wind to work in your favour.

  • Complete the Shot:

    Once in a while, your shot lands on a bunker. Do not make any changes to your approach in such a situation, as it is common. With a balanced and comfortable stance hit the ball with a full swing. The sand will lift the ball out of the bunker. So, wherever the ball lands, always remember to complete your shot and take no half measures.

  • Do Not Change Your Stance:

    Seasoned golfers always make sure to retain their stance under any circumstances. You must not let factors like distance and hole length determine your stance. Though ideally, you should make minor changes in your head and body positions while aiming for different shots, your stance should never be affected as a result of it.

To become better at golf, you must always try and improve yourself and enhance your skill set. You can enrol yourself in a golf academy to become more acquainted with the sport. If you are on the lookout for golf lessons in Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga or Burlington or any nearby city look for an academy which is dedicated to providing personalised programmes for different proficiency levels.

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