7 Ways to Grip a Golf Club Correctly

7 ways to grip a golf club correctly

Every round of golf requires players to grip the golf club at least 90-100 times. Thus, it is extremely important that you hold it in the correct way each time. Having a proper grip will enable you to make a good connection with the ball. In this blog post, we will discuss simple tips that will help you to get the perfect grip.

  • Leave One Inch Gap from the Top: 

    Holding the club at the top of the grip is a common mistake that many golfers make. This results in a loss of control over the swing. Ideally, there must be a gap of about one inch from the top. Holding the club in this way will help you in making a good shot.

  • Gripping It too Tight:

    A very tight grip over the club when you strike the ball will invariably result in a poor shot. If you are feeling pressure on your hands and shoulders while addressing the ball it means that you must loosen your grip on the club. Also, it becomes very hard to control the direction in which you are hitting the ball.

  • Place the Club Perfectly:

    If you are right-handed then you must place the club on your left hand. A left-handed player must do the opposite. The handle should run from the middle of your index finger to its base. Wrap your palm around this position, to have the perfect grip.

  • Use a Good Pair of Gloves: 

    Though not a mandatory accessory, gloves are important for any serious golfer as they improve grip. Just make sure they are neither too small nor too big. Also, be aware that they are tailored differently for right-handed and left-handed players.

  • Educate Yourself About Different Kinds of Grips:

    There are different kinds of grips like the interlinking grip, baseball grip and overlapping grip. Ensure that you test all these kinds of grips and choose the one in which you are most comfortable.

  • Clubface Alignment:

    You may have the best grip among your peers, but that means nothing if your clubface is not perfectly aligned. When you grip the club make sure that it is square with the ball. If it is not, then take your time aligning it in the right manner.

  • Straight Elbow Position:

    A proper grip on the club will lead to a straight elbow position. If there are any bends in your arm while holding the golf club it means that there are some problems with your grip. Adjust the grip until your elbows are straight. A small bend may have the huge impact on your shot.

If you are a beginner, it is always beneficial to consult a golfing professional, who will train you and give valuable insights into other aspects of the game. A key feature of the game is to avoid developing a bad grip on the club which has a negative impact on your game. Get constructive criticism and techniques from a professional and make those necessary changes in your game!

Golf is a game that requires a high degree of precision and skill. Holding the golf club in the proper manner is a crucial aspect of your game. If you develop the wrong kind of grip on the club, then it can get in the way of your progress as a professional golfer.

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