Adaptive Golf for People with Disabilities

Golf is commonly seen as a very challenging sport. Professional golfers who’ve experienced serious injuries have a tough time getting back in the swing. Adaptive golf was developed through a program aimed to help people with disabilities. It can help them understand the true beauty of the sport.

  • What is the aim?

The goal of adaptive golf programs is to help people with various disabilities to overcome challenges which may prevent them from enjoying the game. Adaptive programs can help people with all kinds of health problems be it back pain, arthritis, or the loss of limbs.

The main purpose of the game is to help people find normalcy and happiness in their lives. People suffering from the consequences of a stroke are generally the majority of participants. They suffer from both mental and physical trauma. Adaptive golf helps them practice physical movements. It also helps in speedy mental recovery.

  • In what ways is it different?

The creators of adaptive golf made sure that it’s accessible to everyone. The grips are fairly oversized while the shafts are much shorter in the clubs. Specialists are present at the course who teach players how to play using one hand and swinging from a seated position.

  • How can someone with one leg play?

The most obvious challenge is to balance the body while hitting the ball. They have to concentrate much more on their balance than people with two feet. Another concern is reduced power. Hence, the distances are reduced for adaptive golf.

  • How does a paraplegic play?

To play adaptive golf paraplegics don’t require a lot of equipment. Apart from a specialized mobility device, and proper straps around their legs and waist, they don’t need much else. The straps help keep them stable and safe. Shorter clubs are also available for people with limited upper body strength. Adaptive devices are also available which allow players to be able to tee up the ball without having to bend over.

  • How does a quadriplegic play?

Specialized gloves are required for quadriplegics who have low-level injuries to hold the club. Chest straps can be used to keep them stable. They can also choose to use shortened clubs if it makes it easier for them to hit the ball.

With numerous adaptive devices and modifications, people with disabilities can play golf. It makes all the difference in the world to people’s rehabilitation, motivation and life.

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