How to Choose the Best Coach for Women’s Golf Lessons

Golf is a very popular leisure sport. Even though it has always been considered a men’s sport, perceptions are changing thanks to great women golfers like Annika Sörenstam, Mickey Wright, Kathy Whitworth, Patty Berg, and Betsy Rawls to name a few. Still, getting women-only golf lessons can be difficult, and female golfers often have to practice with men. PGA professional Suzy Whaley, the first woman to have organized a PGA tour event in 58 years, understands this problem. Women’s golf still remains an under-served market but it has the potential to be the next great thing.

In this post, veteran golfers associated with Mississauga’s most trusted golf academy, is going over how you can choose the best golf lessons for women.

women's golf lessons

Current Scenario in Women’s Golf

Golf is more than just a sport, it’s a way of building friendships, clearing the mind, and spending some quality time with yourself. It has always been popular among businessmen to develop partnerships with clients outside the office. For women to learn this sport, they require a comfortable setting that encourages them to better their form. It is for this reason that women’s golf lessons are offered with small classes.

Golf Lessons for Women

The main objective of this sport requires you to propel the golf ball into multiple holes with minimum strokes throughout an area of 30 to 200 acres. There is a common misunderstanding that people who enter the golf course are naturally or innately good at it. No one is ever good at anything until they try it and practice. Women can join a private golf lesson, group golf lesson or a golf camp to get the feel of the sport. If you are a quick learner and can learn the basics of a golf swing, then you will get comfortable playing the sport.

Choosing the Perfect Coach

Just like any other sport, you need a professional coach to get better at the game. When searching for a professional trainer and facility, these are the following things that you need to look out for.

  • Compatibility with Your Instructor

It’s up to you to ensure that you and your instructor fit well in terms of your personality types, mutual goals, and beliefs about the game. When you are trying to choose the best coach for a women’s golf lesson, the instructor’s ability to relate to your needs is of utmost importance. Whether your instructor uses modern modes of communication to give you instant feedback and stay in touch or not is an important factor. If your golf coach is not into modern communication and does not reply to his or her clients when they ask for a follow-up, then that’s a problem. This is why you need an expert golfer with exceptional communication skills as your trainer.

  • Accreditation and Experience of Your Instructor

The golf instructor’s education and experience in the respective field should match your passion for the game. In fact, a good coach will grow your interest so much, that you will push your own limits to elevate your game-play. It does not matter if you are new to the sport or an experienced golfer, a renowned golf coach with experience and expertise in the field will only help you become better. When you under go professional training from proficient coaches, they can modify the lessons according to their students’ needs. When you are seeking the best professional coach for lessons, always look for an accreditation association of the instructor.

  • Finding the Perfect Swing Aid

A swing aid serves one purpose, to help you understand the difference between your current swing and what your instructor wants you to do. You need to ask your instructor if he/she has swing aids or not.They’ll usually have plenty of swing aids. A good golf instructor knows how to utilize his swing aids in a constructive manner to help you improve your game.

  • Learn About the Facility

The formality and structure of a typical golf clubhouse can be intimidating for a woman, especially one who has never played the sport before. Someone who is running a facility for women’s golf lessons has to be patient to teach the students the basics of where to drop the clubs off, where to park, where to check in, where to find the golf carts and many such things. A proper facility will give you a sense of comfort that women seek when they join a class.

It’s not going to be easy finding a women’s lesson in a sport which is still primarily male-dominated. But times are changing, and there are many facilities offering women’s-only golf lessons. All you need is to keep these above-mentioned points in mind when you are searching for the perfect place and a coach to start swinging those golf clubs.

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