FAQ: Golf for Beginners

People new to golf often have several questions regarding the game. Some people get their answers from their instructors and other golfers, while others can be hesitant due to shyness. Despite inhibitions, receiving clarity on some topics improves your golf game in the long-run.

In this post, we’ll be answering some common golf questions that usually get asked by golf newbies.

  • What is the best golf club distance?

Ans. The best golf club distance varies from golfer to golfer. It depends on many factors such as playing condition (soft fairway or hard fairway), the type of club you’re using, the type of ball, weather conditions (calm or windy), your physical fitness, your swing speed, etc. There’s no wrong golf club distance, per say. You just need to figure out what distance works best for you.

  • How is the golf score calculated?

Ans. Scoring for golf is different from other sports. In golf, the player with the highest score loses, while the player with the lowest score wins. The scorekeeping is based on the number of swings you make to put the ball into the hole. For example, if it took 5 swings to put the ball into the first hole, then your score is 5. If it took 3 swings for the second hole, then your total score becomes 8 (5+3). The score addition continues until all the holes have been completed.

  • How high should I tee the golf ball?

Ans. This depends on the type of club you’re using. It should be inversely proportional, i.e., the longer the club, the higher the golf tee. Some pros believe the best tee height is equal to the top (crown) of the driver.

  • How should I repair the ball marks on the green?

Ans. Ball marks are little craters or depressions on the golf greens made from the ball’s impact on the surface. The best way to repair it is to use a ball mark repair tool. It’s made of metal or hard plastic with two prongs at the end. Insert the prongs into the grass at the corner or rim of the crater and push it towards the centre gently with a twisting motion. Now use your foot or putter to tamp down the surface.

  • Is it necessary to wear a golf glove?

Ans. No. It’s not necessary, but it is recommended. It becomes difficult for the golfer to get a good grip on a club when he/she is sweating. Some golfers don’t recommend wearing gloves, while others wear it only for one hand. It’s up to you whether you want to wear it or not.

Hopefully, this post answered some of the questions running through your mind. Remember that nobody becomes a golf professional overnight!

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