Find out Why Golf Betters Your Mind and Body

Golf is known as a gentleperson’s game and is a popular sport in the world. It involves a lot of walking and moving, making it great for your body and mind in many ways. From burning calories to improving your vision, there are several benefits that this sport provides. To find out what they are, keep reading this blog post by Learn 2 Golf Academy.

  • Burns calories

If you don’t use a golf cart, then there’s a chance you’ll burn hundreds of calories, if not more. A course typically covers an average distance between 5 to 7 km, so walking that distance, if you carry your clubs, will be a workout in itself. With all the carrying, walking and swinging of the golf clubs, you can burn up to 1000 calories in a game.

  • Improves heart health

All the aforementioned exercise will cause your heart rate to increase and boost blood flow. Doing such activity reduces the risk of strokes, diabetes, and harmful cholesterol, making playing golf great for your heart.

  • Stimulates the brain

When your heart rate increases, the blood flow in your brain improves which helps in preventing mental illnesses like dementia. This sport also involves a lot of mental calculation such as tallying scores, making strategies and a great deal of hand and eye coordination, all of which keep the brain active.

  • Reduces stress

Playing a round of golf releases endorphins which are natural, mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain that are responsible for making you feel happy and relaxed. Also, walking the golf course amidst all the green can be relaxing. Meeting other golfers encourages socialization which diverts your mind from the things that may be bothering you.

  • Ensures better sleep

As this sport involves a lot of physical activity, your body gets which in turn leads to better sleep. You are likely to remain in deep sleep for a longer period of time which will help in regenerating cells and repairing tissues and muscles.

  • Expose to sunlight

As this sport is played in an open field amidst greenery, your body is exposed to sunlight which is healthy for soaking in vitamin D. This will promote bone growth, reduce the risk of heart diseases, certain cancers and depression.

  • Helps build a social circle

Golf is a platform to meet many people. As this game is not as competitive as other sports such as soccer, cricket or basketball, players spend a lot of time socializing and building networks. In fact, many business deals are closed on the course.

If you play golf regularly, then it’s likely you’re already experiencing the above-listed benefits. If you have yet to play, then do so soon as you’ll be fitter, healthier and stronger which all lead a better quality of life. Get in touch with us to enrol yourself in some golf lessons today.

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