Golf Etiquette 101

Despite millions of women playing the sport, golf has traditionally been known as a gentleman’s game. Sexism aside, what does that mean? It means the sport involves many rules and regulations, and etiquette you must follow. Wondering what etiquette means in this instance? It refers primarily to what you should and should not do during play. If you are keen to learn the etiquette of golf, this blog post by our experts offering golf lessons in Mississauga is all you need.

Golf Etiquette 101

  • Avoid being the slowest player

Are you consistently lagging behind the group? Then you may want to consider fixing this issue. Playing ‘ready golf means you should hit when you are ready, even when you are the farthest from the hole. Hint: do not spent more than five minutes searching for a ball.

  • Control your temper

Missing that perfect shot does not mean you get to take your frustrations out on the green. Refrain from throwing clubs, sulking, or making others uncomfortable. Instead, pacify yourself in an inoffensive way. For instance, follow a bad hole by hitting the next shot harder.

  • Show up on time

Always show up on the course 15-30 minutes before tee time. Your business associates, co-workers or friends don’t want to wait, and it gives you time to prepare for the round. Spend some time on the field, hit a few balls and arrive at the first tee stress free.

  • Prepare the ground before you begin playing

To play good golf, you need to level the ground you are playing on. Use a knife, tee or repair tool to get rid of pitch marks caused by the ball hitting the turf. Also, make sure you don’t tear the grass. Finish off by levelling the area with your foot or club. In addition, replace the divot by filling it with a seed mixture which is generally carried in the carts. Furthermore, once you have hit a shot out of a sand trap, use a rake to smooth the area. In this way, you make the ground ready for others.

  • Stay silent

Staying silent is a way to show respect to other golfers. That means not talking when other golfers are practicing their swings or taking shots. Though it is easy to strike up a conversation on the course, refrain from doing so when others are playing.

  • Drive your golf cart without damaging the turf

Golf carts should be driven carefully to prevent damaging the green. That’s why you should avoid wet areas or highly-trafficked spots. Though golfers tend to drive in a single line, following others, it is better to spread out cart traffic.

  • Wear your best

Have you ever seen a shabbily-dressed golfer? Golfers should always appear on the green prim and proper. Men should wear tucked-in polo shirts, trousers or shorts, clean shoes and a cap facing frontward; women have more scope, and their attire will depend on weather conditions. As your appearance speaks volume, wearing sober attire might help you bag a business deal or secure a future business prospect.

  • Silence your mobile phone

Using cell phones on the green should be avoided, although some golf clubs allow golfers to use them in moderation. Better to keep it in silent mode to avoid disturbing others. If you have to make an emergency call, excuse yourself and keep the call as short as possible.

  • Help fellow players

Golfers should always be courteous and lend a hand where they can. For instance, watch for errant balls so they do not get lost, or return lost clubs or dropped headcovers to their owners. If a provisional ball is left lying around, pick it up to keep the ground clear from distractions.

  • Avoid walking in another golfer’s line

Golfing greens are soft, and when you walk on them, you leave behind footprints that can interfere with a putt. That’s why when you walk on the field to either putt or mark your ball, be considerate of other golfers’ markers or balls. Map out the approximate line where their ball will lead to the hole and avoid stepping on it by taking a large step or walking around. Your fellow golfers will appreciate this act.

This golfing etiquette is useful on and off the green. If you are already a golf enthusiast or are eager to learn the sport, make sure you are thorough with these rules of etiquette in order to excel in the game.

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