A Complete Guide to Golf Course Attire

Mark: What are you going to wear to tee off this afternoon?

Steve: Why? Anything wrong with what I’ve got on?

Mark: Dude, you’re wearing jeans and a V-neck. You can’t wear that.

Steve: Why? Is there a dress code or something?

Mark: Steve, golf is about etiquette. That includes dressing.

Steve: Great. Guess I’m going shopping.

If you are new to golf and want to avoid just such a fashion faux pas, then this blog post will come in handy. Our experts from a reputable academy offering golf lessons reveal everything you need to know about golf attire, from its history to what to wear and how to choose it.


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History of Golf Attire

Modern golf began in cool and rainy Scotland which is why golfers wore tweed suits with plus fours, long woolen socks pulled over pants and thick-soled leather shoes. Heavy sweaters, ties and knitted vests often completed the look. But that look cost money and golf remained a game for the upper classes for many years. However, in the 20th century, golf clothing evolved as the game’s popularity spread into countries with vastly different climates.

Now, functionality is the main purpose behind golf clothes, with style a secondary concern. Tweed and wool have been replaced by high-tech blends available in multiple colours. To understand what men and women golfers wear in detail, read below:

Golf Attire for Men

Here is a list of clothes worn by male golfers:

  1. Collared Polo T-shirts

Collared polo t-shirts are available in both cottons and synthetics. Cotton is best for summer; synthetics for cooler times of the year. Make sure they do not feature gigantic letters or advertisements beyond the logo of the brand you are wearing. Sports jerseys are not permitted.

  1. Shorts and skorts

Many golfers prefer shorts to trousers as they are airier. Common colours include beige, gray, navy blue, black and tan. Cotton and synthetics are available, so choose the one best suited to your climate. Avoid soccer shorts and drawstrings. If you are a woman and want to wear something other than shorts and pants, go for skorts (a combination of a short and a skirt).

  1. Trousers

While shorts are suitable for beating the summer heat, trousers are best for colder places. Full-length trousers look formal and are preferred by golfers around the world.

  1. Belts

Make sure the colour of your belt matches your shoes to create a fashion statement on the golf course.

  1. Socks

Always wear socks when playing golf. And always choose monochrome pairs (i.e. white or black) that blend with your attire.

  1. Golf Shoes

Buying the right golf shoes has a clear impact on your game. The most common are spiked shoes with replaceable cleats. Spikeless ones work best on firmer ground, while soft spikes are best for artificial turf.

  1. Hats or Caps

Golf is played in the open under the sun. This makes hats and caps a compulsory addition to your golfing wardrobe. Visors, wide-brim hats, bucket hats and baseball caps are options. Just do not wear caps backward.

  1. Gloves

Gloves provide grip to help you hold your golf club correctly. In fact, gloves on sweaty hands can increase your grip. Find the right-sized gloves and you are good to go.

  1. Pullover Sweaters

Cold weather makes pullover sweaters mandatory for golfers. Stick to sweater with sober colours to look classy.

How to Choose Golf Attire

To help you choose the right golf attire, here are a few handy tips:

  • Avoid splashy patterns and loud styles.
  • Pair your pants or shorts with a belt that complements your shoes.
  • Choose a contrasting combination. For example, if you are wearing a beige pant, go for a navy- blue polo t-shirt.
  • Go for white or brown golf shoes; black is too formal.
  • Tuck in your t-shirt.

That’s a brief summary of everything you should know about golf clothes. Whenever you are buying golf attire, consider the weather where you live to make your selection easier. Furthermore, avoid bold patterns, and stick to sober solid-coloured pants, shirts, skirts, shorts or skorts. Shoes should always be brown or white. Keep these things in mind and gift yourself a new golf wardrobe now!

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