Guidelines for Golf during Winter Months

Due to the cold weather, golf season tends to come to a screeching halt for many. But maybe you’re among the rare few who don’t mind lower temperatures. If you intend to brave the elements, it’s extremely important to be prepared. Here are a few tips to help you have fun and stay warm during your winter golf games.

  • Lowering your expectations

The simple fact is, when the temperature begins to drop, your scores begin to rise, which is fine. There’s absolutely no reason for you to get frustrated on the course just because your game isn’t what it was during the summer months. Instead, you can use this as an opportunity to tweak something you’ve wanted to work on or practice a new routine. These rounds will be all about enjoying the game and having fun. It’s best to focus on having a good time.

  • Using a softer gold ball

The compression of the golf ball makes it travel the distance it does. The colder the weather is, the harder it becomes. Switching to a softer ball than what you’re used to playing with helps make compressing the ball much easier. It allows you to squeeze a bit of extra distance from the ball. Choosing bright coloured ball, like green or yellow, can help you locate it better against the cloudy winter sky or in the snow.

  • Clubbing up

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching the shots you hit land 10 yards short of where you expect it to land. It doesn’t matter how much you warm up, your muscles will be much stiffer than normal during the winters. Paired with the loss of compression from the golf ball, the shots travel less distance than normal. Taking a spare club ensures that you can move around the golf course a lot easier.

  • Wearing layers

This is a no-brainer, but it’s always worth repeating. The diverse topography of the course means that the temperature varies drastically from one hole to the other. Layering allows you to adapt well to changes in climate. You can always take your sweater or jacket off, but you can’t wear one if you don’t have any warm clothes with you.

  • Ditching the cart and walking

If you can walk the course during winters, you should. The extra effort will get your blood flowing and it will help keep you warm on cold days. The blood flow also prevents any stiffness from settling in, which helps keep your swing fluid and lowers the risk of fewer injuries.

The weather plays an important role in your ability to play on the golf course. However, following these tips will allow you to enjoy winter golf and may even help your golf session last longer than normal.

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