Here’s Why Golf Is Great for You

Golf is a great sport for anyone looking to increase their physical activity as it involves a lot of walking and swinging. There are other benefits golf provides as well, such as providing professional exposure, developing new networks, burning calories, training the bladder, promoting good heart and improving proper brain function, you benefit in several ways from playing golf. Unlike other sports, golf is not restricted to be played in one place instead a golfer moves around to play 9 or 18-hole course which establishes itself as the best workout.

If you’re planning to enrol yourself in golf lessons in Mississauga, then keep reading this blog post by Learn 2 Golf Academy as we are going over a few benefits associated with this sport.

  • Reduces Stress

When you play golf your body releases endorphins (a group of hormones secreted within the nervous and brain system) that enhances your mood. As golf is played in a wide golf course, you’re exposed to a lot of greenery which relaxes your mind and reduces stress.

  • Helps in Sleeping Better

The long stretch of walking in the golf course can exhaust your body. You will fall asleep faster and have a sounder sleep. This will help you feel refreshed every morning.

  • Trains the Bladder

When you play golf, you need to hold in your pee for a long period of time. This is because a golf course is huge and washrooms are infrequent. So, this practice strengthens your bladder. It is effective for your leg muscles especially the thighs.

  • Helps in Blood Circulation

Golf involves a lot of walking as you have to move around to hit the ball into the hole. Also, you have to hold the golf club at an angle and swing to hit the ball. These activities help in the blood circulation in your body improving nerve cell connections.

  • Increases Heart Rate

When you play golf, you walk, swing and carry the clubs which increases your heart rate. Your heart will pump more which will increase the blood flow in your body. Increased heart rate reduces the risk of getting heart diseases and also controls the cholesterol levels.

  • Helps in Brain Function

As your heart rate increases, there will be more blood flow in your brain stimulating the connections of the nerve cells. This will reduce the risk of mental illness like dementia.

  • Burns Calories

Walking, swinging and carrying the golf clubs helps you burn calories similar to any other sport. Even if you travel in a golf cart, you have to leave it behind and walk an average distance of seven kilometres to play. In this way, you will burn around a thousand calories per game.

  • Builds a Good Network

Golf is the best sport to build networks or make new friends. You will meet new people and end up spending time with them during the play. You might end up building lifelong friendships or bag a good business deal as most of the good deals are closed on a golf course.

If you start playing golf, you will enjoy all the above-listed advantages. Aside from being fitter, you’ll find a good way to relax and socialize. For any questions related to golf and the lessons we offer, you can contact us and we will guide you with all the answers.

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