How to Acquire the Perfect Golf Stance?

Getting the perfect golf stance demands persistence and patience. In order to get a proper club-to-hole-connection, the first rule is to maintain a proper stance. If you have an improper stance, then you won’t be able to swing to your fullest ability. This blog post will try to guide you towards a better golf stance.

The Golden Rules to achieving the Perfect Golf Stance

  1. 1. Concentrate on the Width:

    It is very important to concentrate on the width of your stance depending on the iron that you are using. The closer your legs are, the less athletic your position is. If you are not in an athletic position then you will not be able to swing properly, in turn hurting your wrists. Slightly flexed knees and legs being shoulder width apart is the perfect stance when using a middle iron.

For the longer club users, you can widen your stance more while shorter wedge club users can bring the width in. Talking about the club distance, short and middle irons can have a palm’s width distance from your body while the long irons and wood are at palm’s length distance.

  1. 2. Placement of the Toes and Feet:

    Keep a note of the placement of your toes and feet. Your front foot must angle outward towards your target while your back foot must be at a 90-degree angle from the target. The perfect placement of the toes and feet will balance your weight at the right places and improve your flexibility and body rotation speed.

How to get the perfect golf stance

  1. 3. Proper Balance, Proper Swing:

    Your body balance plays a crucial role in a proper swing. You must shift your balance ever so slightly in order to get more power shots. When you spread your legs, your body weight should fall on the balls of your feet. If you are working with a short iron, then the weight must favour the target side (left) foot. For the long clubs, your back foot should be given more preference. As you maintain proper balance, you can keep trying different swinging techniques.

  1. 4. Position Yourself Carefully:

    Your muscles, forearms, buttocks, torso and wrists some body parts which are affected by playing golf. The center of your upper spine, knees and balls of your feet should be in one single line, on top of each other. The back knee, as earlier mentioned, should be slightly inward pointing at the target. Utilize your hips and stick your rear out slightly to maintain a proper stance. Never slouch and you can turn your shoulders on the backswing to give you more power. A straight spine tilted 6 to 8 degrees away from the target would mean consistent shots.

  1. 5. Place Your Ball Correctly:

    When you hold the golf club, slowly bring it down to touch the ground and keep bending your body as you do it. This will make sure that your body posture is in exact proportion with the club you are holding. Incorrect placement of the ball would mean zero club to ball connection. Your arms should not be too close to the body and they must hang down comfortably. If you are using short irons, keep the ball in the middle of the stance. For longer club usage, the ball must be placed around half an inch towards your front foot. Keeping it slightly inside using a driver will give you the perfect position for the swing.

If you ever have hope of going pro, you need to balance and position yourself properly, in order to achieve the right shot. Most of the reputed golf camps in Mississauga are known to provide one-on-one programs to those who are looking for advanced-level golf lessons. Get in touch with one of them to fulfill your dream of becoming a pro!

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