How to Find the Best Golf Club for Beginners

There are a number of reasons that golf lessons can be intimidating, especially for beginners. As if the game itself is not challenging enough, to start with, there is a lot to know about the equipment as well.

Best Golf Club for Beginners

You need to know the number of clubs in a set, how to hold a golf club properly, and which one suits your style of playing. Choosing a set of clubs that are not suitable with your level of skills is a mistake many beginners commit.

This post will discuss the various factors that you need to consider when choosing the right golf clubs before you join golf lessons.

Measurements of the Perfect Golf Club

1. Length

Two factors determine what should be the ideal length of your golf club:

I. The height of the player

Pro Tip: The shaft is the long, tapered tube part of the club that connects your hands to the club head. Naturally, the longer the shaft is, the further your hands will be from the ball.

Graphite is a popular choice for most golf club shafts nowadays, due to its flexibility that is suitable for various types of swings.

The golf club length differs based on sex as well as height. Here is a list of the ideal length of the golf club, based on your height and sex.

Gender Height Recommended Length of Golf Club

Men Less than 5/5” 1.27 cm less than the standard length
Between 5’5” and 6’1” Standard length
More than 6’1” 1 to 2 cm more than the standard length

Women Less than 5’3” Petite golf clubs that are shorter and lighter than the standard club
Within 5’3” and 5’7” Standard length club for women
More than 5’7” Standard length as men’s standard golf clubs

The length of your golf shaft also determines the swing speed. While the extra stiff shafts are perfect for those who can swing in more than 100mph, a regular flex shaft is perfect for an 85-100 mph swing. You can get it assessed at the golf club retailers.

2. Loft

Loft of Golf Club

The angle of the clubface that controls the trajectory is called Loft. Clubs with a higher face loft are ideal for beginners.

On the other hand, the more experienced players like to use drivers that have a relatively lower loft. It takes more skill to hit with lower lofted drivers than the higher ones. However, the higher lofted drivers are more popular these days due to the combination of less spin and higher trajectory, which results in the ball going the maximum distance.

What’s the bottom line?

• A larger number of clubs means higher lofts
• Distance is directly proportional to loft height, while the rolling of the wrist is inversely proportional
• Less rolling of the wrist means more control

3. Head

Golf Club Head

Along with the shaft length and the loft height, the head weight of the club is a factor in your swing speed as well. If you have a faster swing speed, then the heavier clubhead will give you more control over your strokes. Having a slower swing speed means you should go with lighter heads for more velocity.

If you are a beginner, then it is best advised to avoid deep faced club heads because they have a higher spin. If you want to gradually increase your confidence in the game, then opt for shallow faced clubs that will allow you to launch higher and increase the performance.

Best Types of Clubs for Beginners

1. Drivers

Golf Drivers

The modern driver has come a long way since its advent in 15th century Scotland. A driver, or a 1-wood, is a club that should be present in every golfer’s possession. The larger head, lowest loft, and longest shaft among all clubs- are a few of the standard characteristics of a driver. This club is perfect for maximum clubhead speed and velocity, while also helps you maintain some control and balance.

2. Fairway Woods

Fairway Woods

Another crucial addition to your golf bag, the fairway woods are smaller than the drivers and their loft angle varies between 12-18 degrees. These are very helpful for beginner level golfers.

3. Hybrids

These are a relatively modern addition to the family of golf clubs. As the name suggests, these are versatile clubs that has a head similar to fairway wood clubs, but are smaller and have a shallower face. They are perfect for using instead of the long irons since the centre of gravity of these clubs is much lower than the long irons.

Despite all the technicalities, it all comes down to your personal preference, persistence and improvement. The best person to guide you on choosing the right golf clubs is the instructor of your golf lessons. Listen to your coach, as he/she can evaluate your gameplay the best, and suggest ways to improve it.

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