How to Perfectly Recognize and Fix Your
Golf Slice

Golf is a leisurely sport to a lot of people. But what you don’t realize is the layers it carries. Professional golf lessons will help you explore the different aspects of the game.  Slicing is a shot which needs to be done correctly in order to become an expert golfer.

This blog post tells you what exactly is slicing in golf and how to correct it. Just note that this post is written in a right hander’s perspective. Left handers kindly reverse all directions mentioned.

What Is a Slice?

A slice is a type of golf shot where the ball curves in flight from left to right if you are a right handed golfer. This can be an intentional shot but typically, is a result of a mis-hit. This is known to be a huge problem high-handicap and recreational golfers face.

The shot plays similar to a fade shot. The difference between a slice, fade and hook shot is very subtle. A slice is more severe than a fade while it is completely opposite to the hook shot.

To diagnose a classic slice, notice the divot. If the divot produced by a slice swing is pointing left with the ball ending up in the exact opposite side, this is what you are looking at.

There are a few different versions of this shot:

  • A push slice where the shot starts right of a target line before curving farther right.
  • A slice spin is a clock-wise spin.

Usually this shot is a cause of the clubface arriving at impact with the golf ball in an open position. Setup or swing issues are often account for the problem.
Slicing in Golf – Lessons in Oakville

How to Prevent a Slicing Shot

Stance: Standing in an open stance with your feet, hips and shoulders aligned left of the target line can cause a slice. Like your clubface, make sure your stance is square as well.

To avoid slices, you must be able to see at least two knuckles in your left hand as you look down at your stance where the clubface is square to target.

Do not miss checking your aim before hitting. To do this, lay the club on ground and keep it parallel to the target line. Making sure your feet, knees, hips and shoulders should be in-line with your club facing the target.

Grip: The grip is a major factor when it comes to slices. Check if you aren’t gripping the club when the face is in an open position. Your grip must be neutral, and it shouldn’t be weak.

If your hands are turned too far to the left on the club, it will return with facing at the right during impact. A weak grip can be identified when your hands are turned too much to the left and your thumbs point straight down the handle.

How to Create a Slicing Shot

Sometimes, slice shots come in handy, especially when you have a tree blocking your straight path and a sweeping curve is the only way to get past it. To intentionally draw a slice shot, you must open the clubface at address. As you do so, open your stance and align your body to the left of the target line. Do not change the grip and swing. If needed, you can also go for a weaker grip.

Having gone through all these details, you can now evaluate your playing to see why slices are happening and how you can fix or make them happen.  If you are still unsure, Oakville and Mississauga have experts who provide private golf lessons. You can get practice under their guidance and emerge as a better golfer.

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