How to Improve Your Golf Game During the COVID-19 Lockdown

It’s no surprise that the COVID19 lockdown has affected sports, games and events in 2020. Thanks to the pandemic, golf camps are closed and golfers, like the rest of us, are keeping indoors.

And although golf isn’t at the top of anyone’s mind, players still have ways to stay on top of their game.

Wondering how?

Getting on a golf course may be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice at home. Here are some productive ways to keep your golf game moving in the right direction.

Practice Golf At-Home During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Read about some productive and useful drills you can do in the comfort of your home during this period of self-isolation.

  1. Improve Your Overall Fitness


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One of the most easily forgotten aspects about golf is exercising to improve your overall fitness.

This, along with working on your flexibility, can go a long way towards improving your balance, posture, overall range of motion and club head speed. This can in turn give you more control over your iron shots and add extra yards to your drives. There are many online resources that can introduce you to the right exercises, but you need to pay special attention to certain things These include:

  • Flexibility and balance – practicing yoga and stretching are ideal.
  • Overall muscle strength – if you have a couple of dumbbells, there’s a wide range of exercises you can do to increase your strength and add power to your game.
  • Core strength – Pilates and yoga can be practiced here, paired with other abdominal exercises such as planks.

There are a number of home exercise videos on YouTube so choose the one that fits your requirements to improve your game. Be sure to pick something you’ll enjoy.

  1. Practice Your Swing Drill

One of the best ways to improve both your downswing and backswing is to stand in front of a full-length mirror to ensure you have the correct posture.

Next, perform the swing you want to practice. Follow it up with the same movements done in slow motion. By looking in the mirror while you swing, you can see the changes in your posture and work on correcting them. Also, executing the same moves over and over will help your brain memorize each action, which will come in handy when you’re back on the course.

Once you see your posture improving, pick up the pace by swinging faster. Keep looking in the mirror while practicing as not doing so will defeat the purpose.

  1. At-Home Putting


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As a golfer setting up a camp at home, you’ll likely be looking to improve your putting skills as well. Wondering how? Here are a few things to try:

  • Is your home carpeted? Then use your flooring to your advantage when hitting practice shots. Although the texture might make the ball run slowly, it can be a good drill to get a feel and control of your putter. Use a mug as a pretend target hole.
  • If you have area rugs instead of carpets, lay some tape on the floor. This can be another great exercise to help improve your putting stroke as you’ll have to ensure your backstroke doesn’t go over the lines. It instead ensures that you build a straight putting stroke which doesn’t change as you repeat shots.
  • Place a golf ball with a coin on top of it at one end of the room. The main objective here is to practice putting another ball and bringing it as close to the one with the coin on top as you can. Be careful to not knock off the coin.

No matter which of these putting drills you choose, the goal is to make sure your stroke remains square to your target. Also, your swing should be as smooth as possible with only a slight acceleration through the ball.

Don’t let not being able to go to your driving range or golf camp be an excuse when it comes to improving your skills. Hopefully we’ve offered some ideas to help you practice at home. The idea is to make practicing fun as well as useful. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive gadgets to better your golf game. All you need is practice.

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