Top 6 Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is a popular sport played on large outdoor courses with the main objective being to propel a small ball with as few strokes as possible, into a series of holes. It is known as a sport of leisure, but contrary to what most non-golfers believe, it is requires more than minimal movement. Golfers may not be constantly running, jumping or sprinting, but it benefits both the mind and body. Let’s take a look at the range of advantages individuals enjoy when they golf regularly.


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What Are the Pros of Playing Golf?  

  1. 1. Vitamin D Intake

This is one of the only nutrients our body can synthesize naturally, with adequate exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D plays a vital role in maintaining normal calcium levels and developing healthy bones. During both spring and summer, watching a golf event or taking part in it can be a great way to make sure your body produces adequate amounts of vitamin D.

  1. 2. Cardiovascular Health

Like other sports, golf is a physical activity. Walking the course, carrying your clubs, and hitting the balls all create a moderate workout that gets the heart pumping and increases blood flow. When you force your body to work harder than it is used to, your heart performs better. This reduces the risk of diabetes and stroke and lowers harmful cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure

  1. 3. Bladder Control

When golfing, you don’t have many chances to visit the toilet. Although not recommended, the longer you learn to hold it, the stronger the capacity of your bladder becomes.

  1. 4. Knee Health

Golf players who choose to walk instead of travelling around the course on a cart can cover approximately four to five miles when walking in a straight line. Golfers suffering from knee osteoarthritis are advised not to use the golf cart. Frequent (and usually brisk) walking to follow the ball around, aside from helping you burn a few calories, can contribute toward better knee health.

  1. 5. Social Interaction

Some golfers prefer playing alone whereas others look for friendly competition. When you play against or with someone, you get to meet people with diverse backgrounds. This can have a huge impact on your mental health. Many people, especially seniors, tend to lose touch with others, so golf provides a chance for them to spend a day outdoors and socialize. The sport’s moderate intensity also lets players converse; this is one of the main reasons why so many business deals are struck on the links.

  1. 6. Better Sleep

The combination of fresh air with regular exercise is the best recipe for a good night’s sleep. Not only does it help you fall asleep faster, but it allows you to stay in deep sleep longer. Since deep sleep is important for the body to repair muscles, tissues and regenerate cells, this can be beneficial.

As you can see, playing golf offers several surprising benefits. Before you start playing, remember to take the necessary precautions to prevent hurting yourself. Hopefully, this list of benefits has encouraged you to start or continue golfing.  The best thing is that these advantages are applicable to beginners and experts alike, so quit wasting time and pick up a golf club today!

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