5 Useful Hacks for Playing Golf in Winter

Not surprisingly, even the most enthusiastic golfer’s clubs tend to collect dust when the cold weather sets in. Little do they know that the sport can be enjoyed in winter too. The clear mornings and quiet courses will make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Also, if you want to improve your skills, you will need to adapt your game to the changing weather conditions. With a few simple hacks, paired with modern equipment, there’s no reason for you to stay off the course. Here are some tips to better handle the low temperatures and frosty ground, and put your skills to the test.


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Tips for Golfing in Winter

  1. 1. Carry Your Own Bag

In winter, snow can turn your golf course into a mud bath. That’s why many clubs ban golf trolleys which can churn up the green. So, it’s a better idea to carry your own bags instead of dragging them, to ensure your home course stays in good shape. Additionally, you won’t have to take detours around “No Trolley” areas, making it one less thing to worry about.

  1. 2. Have Proper Equipment 

You need to be prepared for the unexpected when playing winter golf. So, you should buy equipment that can tackle a range of climates – from rain and wind to frost. Consider picking up the following gear to ensure you have a more enjoyable time on the course.

  • Umbrella

Your winter equipment would be incomplete without an umbrella. Besides protecting you against snow, sleet and rain, it’s also useful in keeping your bag dry when it’s your shot.

  • Winter Wheels

When the ground is soft and boggy, winter wheels on your golf cart will come in handy as they pick up less mud. They will protect the course against potential damage.

  • Loft

The condition of your course in cold weather means your ball simply won’t roll as much. But, by adding a loft to your driver, you can add more carry and distance to your golf ball.

  1. 3. Wear the Right Clothes

To perform at your best, you need to feel comfortable in what you wear. Here are some tips to help you brave the cold and perform at your optimum level.

  • Efficient Base Layer

If you think wearing multiple layers will benefit your golf game, think again. The more you put on, the more restricted your movements, which will affect your game. So, wear a thin base layer underneath your other golf attire that retains body heat. This will keep your muscles from becoming stiff and allow you to move around more freely.

  • Gloves

It’s vital to keep your hands dry and warm during play. Try wearing wet weather gloves as they become firmer as they get wet. This will allow you to keep a better grip on your club, resulting in a better game.

  • Thermal Socks

Refrain from wearing more than one pair of socks. This will affect your stance which, in turn, will affect your swing. Instead, choose specialized winter socks designed to warm your feet better than multiple layers will.

  1. 4. Stay Hydrated

Your body needs nutrients and hydration when taking part in any low or high-impact activity which only water can provide. This doesn’t mean you need to steer clear of hot beverages and energy drinks but remember to pair them with water to ensure you stay adequately hydrated.

  1. 5. Consider Spiked Footwear

As mentioned earlier, your course conditions may not be favourable in winter as the ground might be muddy. To overcome this obstacle, use spiked winter golf shoes for maximum grip. Even if the course is frozen, you can be sure that the frost will eventually melt, leading to wet fairways where spikes will no doubt prove useful.

As you can see, there’s no cause for concern. Though playing golf in cold weather might seem difficult, don’t be intimidated by the elements. With the right gear and some preparation, you can perform well and win. Hopefully, these tips will make it easy for you to enjoy the game, even when the weather seems unfavourable.

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